Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt

University Bayreuth, Germany

Innovative developments in the area of polymer processing with recent commercial impact

After studying physics at university and earning his Ph.D. Volker Altstädt received his doctorate in 1987 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kassel (supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ehrenstein). He worked as a group leader in the polymer physics department in the Polymer Research Division for eight years at BASF SA in Ludwigshafen. Since 1995 he has been full professor for polymers in mechanical engineering and head of the chair for „Polymers & Polymer Composites" at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. From October 2000 to December 2020, Volker Altstädt was full professor for the field of Polymer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering (ING.) at the University Bayreuth. In addition, from 2009 to 2021 he was Managing Director of „New Materials Bayreuth Ltd“, a Bavarian state R&D facility in the field of materials and processes for polymers, composites and metals.

Volker Altstädt's research group devoted itself to scientific and industry-oriented research in the field of polymer materials and created a connection between natural sciences and engineering. The focus was on the interdisciplinary cooperation of the scientists, which brought together the disciplines of chemistry, physics, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. The research activities of Volker Altstädt's group focus on polymer foams, polymer composites and nanocomposites, polymer blends and compatibilization, resin systems and flame retardants, special injection molding techniques with the primary goal of determining the structure-property relationships and tailoring polymer materials for specific requirements.

Volker Altstädt is today a senior professor and has published more than 400 publications; total number of citations is 8629 and he is inventor/co-inventor of 50 patents. He is Executive Editor of the „Journal of Cellular Materials“ and an elected member of the „National Academy of Science and Engineering“ (Acatech), Germany, and he is winner of the Polymer Processing Society 2023 James L. White Innovation Award.